10:00 - 11:30 I Panel: Infrastructure: Internet exchange points - IXPs, net neutrality

What is the internet infrastructure in BIH, how is managed, what is missing? How does the current landscape of Internet Services providers look like? Who owns BH internet infrastructure? And what are the critical conversations citizens, technical community, public and business sectors need to have? What is the actual status of net neutrality in BH and how it relates to an affordable internet?

11:50 – 13:20 II Panel: Children on the Internet: why data matters

Practises and challenges of BH children on the internet. What is the role played by gender, age and eduction A common and articulated reflection on the interconnection of privacy, safety and data. The buzzword of the internet of fears versus the buzzwords of the internet of freedom. Why data matters? What are sensible data, what are personal data, who owns them, who is responsible. The due diligence of government, business and society.


Djeca i mladi

PONAŠANJE I NAVIKE DJECE NA INTERNETU: stavovi djece, roditelja i nastavnika informatike


13:40 - 14:30 III Panel: From the community

Highlights of initiatives, issues presented by their initiators in the form of short presentation a first account of BH internetactors, theirsuccesses, challenges, calls for action.

12th December 2017

Hotel Evropa, Vladislava Skarića 5, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Internet Governance Forum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHIGF) is a national IGF initiative dedicated to open, inclusive, diverse and informal dialogue on Internet governance issues among all interested stakeholders in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). For the third year in a row, members of the different stakeholder groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) which are active in their own fields of expertise, will meet to continue and deepen the conversation on global issues and themes from a national perspective and to identify, initiated collaboration on common priorities.

This year we are happy to say that the organizational committee will be enriched by the participation of UTIC, the BH Registry for the .ba domain and the organization Save the Children which will contribute to shape the two main panels of this year edition. Motivated and encouraged by the success, engagement and participation of the previous two editions of BHIGF 2015 and 2016 and by the participation at the two editions of more than 250 individuals; the 2017 edition will address two strategic and emergent issues that we enrich and call upon the interest of the emerging Internet Governance Community in BH. The event will take place on December 12th 2017, in Sarajevo.

This year overreaching theme will focus on two critical aspects of Internet Governance, one is infrastructure, using as starting point the role played by IXP and at the other end a conversation on the people, focusing on a specific group of users: children their use of internet in BH, local and global questions.

The title of this year forum will be: The network effect: from infrastructure to children


Saša Mrdović

Elektrotehnički Fakultet Sarajevo

Ševal Bećirević


Šadi Matar

Ministarstvo prometa i komunikacija BH

Enes Halilović


Dušan Stojičević


Sandra Kovačević

Ministarstvo saobraćaja i veza RS

Alen Zaimović

Save The Children

Josip Vojnić

Pedagoški zavod Tuzlanskog Kantona

Silvije Fučec

Agencija za zaštitu ličnih podataka BIH

Adnan Hantalašević

BH Telecom

Suada Hadžović

Regulatorna agencija za komunikacije

Elmaja Bavčić


Rialda Spahić

IT Girls

Erna Ključić

One World Platform

Selma Badžić

Centar ženskih prava

valentina hvale pellizzer

APC - Women's right program

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